iPhone Contacts taking too loong...???

Slow Phone app? Address Book? Contact List?

Well, here is a 1 minute cure:

For some reason I noticed that my contact list on my iPhone was taking too long, like 8 seconds...this can't be.  Then as usual, searching for answers I came up to the answer.  Since I've been messing around with my contact list with everything from WindowsMobile, to Google Sync, Mac, PC and such, i thought: 'There might be some curruption in there'.  So I went ahead and did the following:

  1. Went to my Address Book and exported all my contacts as vCards.  (Yes, it has to be in vCards)
  2. Then I synced my iPhone so all contacts would be erased.
  3. Imported my Contacts from the backed up vCard file.
  4. Synced my iPhone again.

PRESTO! Take about a SECOND to load the Phone App now.

Hope this helps some of you.... ;-)

PS- All Phone.app dependent apps should also benefit from this.