Tweaks for iOS

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Tweaks that I use or have used that work well, i know there are others, but these are what I've chosen over the rest.

> Sysclean
As I trek through all the available tweaks and apps for iPhones...I came across this nifty "all-in-one" app.  Sysclean is a script that runs on MobileTerminal.  It deletes unneccesary system files, deletes language packs + keyboards and even moves the fonts out of the system directory! This is a must have!

Download sysclean from the Insanelyi Repo.  Once installed just log into MobileTerminal.  After logging in, just type "sysclean" and let it do it's thing.

Remember: This will keep the Japanese language pack, so if you want to use your emoticons you still can.

> Make Cydia Faster
This one is quite simple:  Disable Sections you don't need.
Once Cydia loads up, go to the Sections tab, press Edit, and switch off what you don't need. (ie, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes, etc)  You'll see it load much faster.