06.01.12: NEWS! It looks like it's time for me to put my Android phone down and start fiddling with my iPhone (which is an iPod right now) again.  Redd00r has it's alpha release to developers...let me see if I can get my hands on a copy and try different things with it...so get ready to tweak our ol' iPhones again!

12.22.11  Comparing performance side by side, w/ Backgrounder + No Multitasking vs. iOS Multitasking.  Also trying to get a write-up on using ICY instead of Cydia, but ICY is not getting along with whited00r :-(
12.11.11  Modifying springboard .plists, disabling 'purple-fx', 'game-kit', 'mms' (i don't use), and other things.  as always waiting for this to settle.  This will NOT be in a Release, but in the tweaks sections.

12.09.11  Have 2 iPhones 3G, one with a single large 256MB file, this system creates a static file instead of a pager/swap file system.  Side by side, it is evident that is WAY smoother than Apple's approach.  I would've like to have made a video, but don't have the equipment.  Did it to my phone now.  Will test overnight see it settled, then modify blog.

12.04.11  Final testing before blog update.  Dynamic Pager seems to like the removal of power management.

11.27.11  De-Activated phone with Redsn0w, then activated it using SAM.  Let me see if now i get no laggy Push Notifications

11.13.11  Remove some unused resources.  Did some more Springtomize tweaks.  Using Mobile Notifier.  Found definitive fix for multitasking on iOS4.2.1:  Trying to contact whited00r developer Matteo.  Blog update soon.

11.09.11 Removing extra launch daemons.

10.27.11  I was in college and internet tethering not only failed to work, it also removed the option from the Network pane...

10.26.11  Well it is said that sometimes one must take one step back to have a big leap forward.  I have found what was causing my Push Notifications to not work:  Backgrounder.  Yup, perhaps to some of you non-Hacktivated phones it might work, but on mine, after rigorous testing, it was that.  I paired the Whited00r iOS with Multicleaner and other goodies and it is better than whatever I had before.  Now I need to do the control test.  I will load the exact same tweaks on another 3G with iOS 4.2.1 and run them both.  Will try to make a video.

10.23.11  The Tweaks respond very well with this firmware, and yup, it's not starting to lag on me, it seems it was because of an old third-party app.  Gonna finish doing the last couple of tweaks and pay attention to it's workings.  If all goes good, then I will re-do 2 types of guides, one this OS and one of the other.

10.22.11 - Had a bit of trouble getting SAM/Push Notifications to work.  But I think I found how to do it.  SAM won't De-Activate the phone, perhaps because there is something Modded inside the firmware.  So far the firmware runs good.  I will load a stock 4.2.1 and Whited00r iOS4 with the same tweaks, and see how the run side by side.

10.18.11 - I looked into Whited00r iOS4 as my base iOS4 system and found It really runs much smoother as-is.  I have loaded most tweaks and it runs great.  Mattre, the developer, seems to have done some imaging on the springboard cause...the shadow files are not in the directory, but ARE present on the screen...wow.  So far I have installed most of the tweaks, done several hard resets, but if all goes well, then I will keep this as the base system and do a guide.

10.17.11: I've been thoroughly testing configurations, and came to a conclusion:  Perhaps there was a memory leak in one of the third-party apps; I have set up my iPhone to run a list of apps and tweaks, and for 2 weeks it's been solid.  MAYBE Multifl0w had something to do with it, the updated one is much quicker.  Im still around just that college has me busy.  I'm gonna finish loading the other tweaks, once its sorted, i will update.  Yes i know, I will make an updates section. LOL